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Print for 2019-20

District Print for 2019-20. Posted on 05/23/2019. Change for Seattle Public Schools 2019-20 Printed Calendar. Due to the 2019-20 budget shortfall, the printed Seattle Public Schools calendar won?t be available next school year. This means families and staff will not receive a printed calendar in September 2019. (1 day ago)

Over Time

Roman times. The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE. The year began on 1st January with the length of months alternating between 31 and 30 days ? except for February, which had 30 days in a leap year and 29 days otherwise. (1 week ago)


Dear Maquoketa Staff, Students, and Families, Changing a calendar in the middle of the year is never ideal however, due to 10 missed school days we need to make some changes. We understand that not all of these changes may work for all staff, students, and families and that is ok. We are willing to? Continue Reading 2018-2019 (1 week ago)

School Calendar Revised to Make Up Snow Days

restore 4 school days, extend winter trimester, end classes June 18. Eugene School District 4J schools were closed for four days in February due to heavy snow. The district is restoring school days and extending the winter trimester to make up the lost instruction time. (2 weeks ago)

Chesterfield School Board approves

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - With a new superintendent in place, Chesterfield County Public Schools is proposing several changes to the 2019-2020 school year calendar. Among the changes, which were (3 months ago)

County's 2020 School Unlikely After

County?s 2020 School Unlikely After Legislature Quashes Labor Day Mandate Board of Education members look forward to more flexibility when crafting future schedules (2 months ago)

Definition of Calendar

a system of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year; a list or register of events appointments or social events or court cases etc; a tabular array of the days usually for one year enter into a