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Web Page Monitoring

MonitorChanges is a FREE service that monitors web pages of interest to you. Monitor Pages monitors content changes on web pages and notify you by E-mail the moment your web pages are updated.

monitor changes

Important announcements delivered to your email inbox! Know precisely when interesting content changes on popular websites... MonitorChanges marks web page text for you with color-coded highlights of what has actually changed! Sign up now for the ChangeDetect web page monitoring free trial or learn more about highlighted web page content changes.

No registration is required to set up content monitoring with MonitorChanges. Just enter the Universal Resource Location (URL) that you would like to track. Be sure to include your E-mail and you are finished. This is truly set and forget, because you can now relax. All the changes to your resource will be automatically emailed to you. So easy...

Timely notification of web-page changes via text messaging, instant messaging or e-mail messaging

Receive web page change notifications on your email, pager, ICQ or text messaging device. You will never again lose touch with your favorite web content. With MonitorChanges.com, you can easily manage your alerts in just a few clicks, at any time. Get notified.

Monitor Changes

Good reasons to use MonitorChanges.com

  • NO registration required
  • NO spam or unsolicited messages

MonitorChanges.com History (January 11, 2007):

monitor changes

Note: monitorchanges has now been acquired by ChangeDetect.